Media Click Ads Terms of Service is open to any person from any country but YOU MUST BE ABLE TO READ/WRITE ENGLISH!

Member Agreement:

By becoming a member of you voluntarily, expressly and knowingly agree to each and all terms and conditions of this program. You AGREE that shall not be held liable for any misrepresentation or content supplied by our advertisers. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS: you must select NOT to become a member.

Advertising Terms:

-- The website must not contain pornographic, racist, discriminating, vulgar, illegal, or other adult materials (including 'scantily clad people') of any kind.
-- The website must not contain any frame breakers.
-- The website must be English.
-- The website must not contain or promote any viruses.
-- The website must not contain ANY prompts such as download dialogs or confirmation alerts.
-- The website must not exceed the 1 popup/popunder limit.
-- The website's single popup/popunder must not open any new windows.
-- The website's single popup/popunder must not break any of the above terms.
-- Advertisers who are inactive for 90 days or more may have their remaining credits removed and account deleted. To remain active, simply login to once per 90 day period.
-- All payments are to be made using the links available at your account. No other method of payment will be accepted. All payments made to are non-refundable and all chargebacks or reversed transactions made on your payments will lead to an immediate account suspension.
All payments are made by Paypal

Promoting Terms:

These terms are for members who promote with or without their referral link. If the website is deemed inappropriate, your account may be suspended and the site will be blocked.
-- The incoming traffic must not come from an iframe smaller than 50% of the browser window.
-- The incoming traffic must not come from an auto surfer. and it's operators, will not accept traffic where auto surf credits are bought cheap and used as non-legit method to make earnings. Auto surf and other Paid to Promote tools are, by definition, tools that should be used to promote and not to send junk bot traffics. Thus:

Using Paid To Promote traffic. (PTP Traffic)

Standard Members: If your Signup Score* exceeds 2000, we have the right to remove PTP earnings and suspend your account.

Upgraded Members: If your Signup Score* exceeds 4000, we have the right to remove PTP earnings and suspend your account.

* Term definition: Signup Score = The ratio of PTP hits to users referred.
-- The incoming traffic must not come from a site with viruses or one that promotes cheating.
-- The incoming traffic must come from an english website.

Payout Terms:

-- All payments are made by Paypal and only to the mail address with which the member was registered (so we can double check that the payment is legit).
-- We will processed your payment within 72 hours of request.
-- You can only request one payment at a time. All payment comes from that is the primary email for admin.

-- Ensure your payment address is correct before requesting a payment.

-- You can only request one payment at a time. We will cancel the last one if you submit more then one..
-- We are responsible only for submitting your payment to the payment processor. Any action after that is to be handled by the payment processor's support.

Active Accounts:

-- If your account has been inactive for more than 60 days, your earnings will be cleared.
-- To keep You account active, simply login to once per 60 day period.

Member Country Policy:

-- All members from the following countries must purchase a membership in order to be able to cashout. If you are a member from any of these countries and you attempt to cashout without purchasing a membership, your account will be deleted. Countries.

-- China
-- Vietnam
-- Poland
-- Pakistan


-- Interfering with our system to prevent optimum security and/or reliability.
-- Creating any type of emulator, or a program to automate the process of clicking.
-- Any malicious act that may in any way interfere with our system or network operations.
-- Failing more than 30 login attempts in 30 days (incorrect ReCaptcha code)
-- Exploiting the PTP system by sending junk traffic
-- Failing sign-up offers more then 4 times suspend your account. Your must contact admin to get the account open again.
-- In case you have money on your account and your account get banned, You loose your money.
-- Re-open your account cost 5 USD Fee.
-- When and if we decide to reopen your account, we reserve the rights to open it as clean account, resetting all current balance.

Multiple Joins:

You are not allowed to create any more than one(1) account per household or IP nor login using proxy.
Do Not Click Ad- All members who click the "Do Not Click" Ad, in PTC ads sections will use all their money. This ad was added as a precaution to avoid the rising trend of members using click Bots.
False Representing:

We do not tolerate anyone who uses false information to get referrals or that hides referral URL's behind any URL shortening or masking service.


We do not believe in spam, and we are very strict on the handling of your information. The only emails you will receive are periodic emails with information about updates and issues with the site.

Referral Contest:

Referrals obtained during the contest need to be active for at least, two weeks, by either completing offers or signups (PTSUs), paid to clicks (PTCs), or purchasing site advertising. It is not possible for the site to generate any revenue from inactive members. Therefore, these inactive members cannot be included in the final contest standings.


If you violate this Terms of Service, any pending payments, account balance, advertising balance, and active advertisements is forfeit.

Subject to change:

This agreement can change. Although we have the right to change this agreement without any prior notice to our members, we will send out a notice to all of our members the new terms and/or terms that have changed. If for any reason you do not accept the changes, you will need to contact us, and your account will be removed.
By agreeing to this TOS upon sign-up you agree that may send you personal notifications and our monthly newsletter and tips (non-advertising material)

Admin at is the owner. Eitan Yariv is the founder of the site and main admin. You can contact Eitan by mail or by site chat when available (GMT-2 working hours).

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