NEW! Daily click bonus... Nov 10, 2013

Every member that clicks 75% of all ads win the daily bonus which includes: * 0.01$ in cash * 100 traffic exchange credits

10 000 Credits in Signup BONUS :) Nov 10, 2013

We give 10 000 Credits in Signup BONUS :)

Moving to new faster and safer server Sep 26, 2013 will be down for maintanance for an hour or so today so we would like to appologize for any inconvinience to our members. We are upgrading to new and improved hosting, which is faster and top secured. (We cannot afford less to our loyal members :-) Thank you for understanding, Eitan Admin. has just passed 10,000 members Jun 29, 2013

In the pay-to-click (PTC) internet business space, there is no higher reward than growing membership. has seen significant growth in the last two years, and we're proud to announce that our membership has recently exceeded 10,000 members. It's been a great ride, but we're only just getting started.

You can come celebrate with us, as we dive deep into Link Madness! We're offering a range of killer deals on banner ads, pay to read credits and much more. You'll get 1,000 banner credits, 10,000 pay to read credits, 20,000 pay to click credits and 20,000 traffic exchange credits. That's a value of more than $35. And it's all in a single package, available for you to buy for just $4! It's a great way to start driving traffic to your website today.

Are we proud of this milestone? You better believe we are. The PTC business is a competitive market, where only the best companies can survive. Yes, we're very proud that not only are we surviving, we're thriving and we're helping businesses like yours thrive, too. Some companies never pay and many others close down after limited success. But, we're getting stronger every single day. Whether your site is pay-to-click, pay-to-read or pay-to-subscribe, we're here to help you drive the traffic it takes to get major results.

Recently acquired by Eitan, is looking to improve its pay-out schedule. Pay-outs will be conducted on a schedule that guarantees payments are made within a three-day maximum. Our goal is to do pay-outs every day. With continued growth, we believe we will regularly achieve this major goal in the near future. We appreciate our readers, our clients and our affiliates, and that is why we are committed to continuing to improve customer service and pay-outs for their benefit.

The team at isn't going to rest on their laurels. Nope. We're ready to continue our growth, so we can help both websites and readers accomplish their goals. Check out our Link Madness celebration to find out more about how you can put this great service and its wide array of offerings to work for you.

$15 USD Referral Contest Sep 30, 2012

Today we start $15 USD Referral Contest. You can see this under your account /Contest. Start to promote your link today. Thanks.

News Payments. Sep 19, 2012

Payments. The next 4-5 weeks we will work on new payout method. So there can be delay on payments from us. But you can trust us, If your payment is pending, you will get it. We will always payout money. Have a nice day! Admin

Payout Sep 12, 2012

Hello. We have in our terms 0 - 60 days payments. Since payouts are not instant and it is time prohibiting to verify each payment and process them, We are increasing the limit of payout for standards. Payout minimums for upgraded members remains the same. We still offer no max limit on payouts. Each payout for members will be processed within maximum of 60 days to maintain the reserve in our processors because of these changes. Thanks Admin.

Pay Pal - Cashout! Aug 20, 2012

Members From India, Israel, Brazil and Argentina CAN ONLY CASHOUT via Payza!

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